Animal Insurance

The program of voluntary insurance of animals and birds


This type of insurance is one of the top priority activities of the company.


All kinds of animals and birds can be insured, in private sector, as well as those contained in large complexes.



The most common is comprehensive insurance for the following insurance risks:


• “ACT OF NATURE” – acts of God (windstorm, whirlwind, storm, hurricane, waterspout, rainstorm, hail, earthquake, movement or ground subsidence, mudflow, landslide, landfall, high water, flood, snow flurry, ice movement, etc.);


• “FIRE” – fire (including fire resulted from lightning strike, short-circuit fault of electric wiring) except for the illegal actions of third parties (arson);


• “DISEASE” – infectious disease of animals;


• “ACCIDENT” – effect of electric current, solar or heat stroke, freezing, suffocation or poisoning by toxic substances, snake bite or venomous insect bite, drowning, bites of other animals, the fall in the gorge, the attack of wild animals or stray dogs, the death during hunting, hit by vehicles and other traumatic injuries (including birth complications), compulsory slaughter (extermination) by order of the specialists of veterinary service in connection with measures to control infectious diseases.


• “ILLEGAL ACTS OF THE THIRD PRTIES” – intentional infliction of injury or extermination of the insured animals (including those committed by arson), except the illegal acquisition;


• “THEFT” – misappropriation (accomplished intentionally, for any purpose of illegal taking out of insured animals from the owner or user against their will by theft, brigandage or robbery).


Insurance tariffs are established depending on the types of animals, rate of franchise of the insured risks and conditions of their detention.


Insurance is possible on separate risks as well.


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