Insurance Third party liability

«Ukrainian AgroInsurance Company» Private joint-stock company provides third-party liability insurance


Insurant could be either private person or legal person for this type of insurance.


       Insurance event – is the event covered by the Insurance Contract, which took place and with the beginning of which occurs the Insurer’s obligation to carry out insurance indemnity for the insured person or for the third party.


       Insurance risks – events related to the legal activities of Insurant and as a result of which a third party may be harmed his health or life or damage to the property, namely:


non-performance or improper performance by Insurant of obligations (due to error or omission) to the third party or providing of false, inaccurate or insufficient information about the product, work, service, or their manufacturers, sellers performers, on the regime of work, certification, conditions of work, services. A list of contracts, goods and services should be agreed with the Insurer and should be specified in the Insurance Contract;


events associated with the property that is owned, used and managed, accepted for repair, storage, etc. by the Insurant;


events related to the performance of work or services under contracts concluded by the Insurant that have been agreed with the Insurer and specified in the Insurance Contract;


events that are covered by Insurance Contract and as a result of which the Insurant is obliged by the law to pay for damages or expenses of third parties, for damage to natural resources.

Insurance sum (insurance limit) under the Contract of third-party liability insurance – is a sum of money, within which the Insurer is obliged to pay insurance indemnity to the Insurant (third party) in case of the insurance event under the terms of the insurance. Insurance sum is determined by agreement between the parties.


Insurance tariffs are calculated by the Insurer actuarially (mathematically), on the basis of the relevant statistic of occurrence of insurance events, depending on qualification and duration of the activity, of other factors. Actual figures of insurance tariff are identified in the Insurance Contract by the agreement between the parties.


       Insurance indemnity is paid within the limit of obligations of «UAIC» Private JSC  based on the amount of damage caused to third parties during providing of services, taking into account the franchise and other conditions of insurance.