Comprehensive automobile insurance

The Contract of comprehensive automobile insurance guarantees indemnity of losses which may occur as a result of damage or loss of vehicle, its parts and accessories, which is installed on it, as a result of:


* road traffic incident (RTI);

* illegal action of third parties;

* act of nature (flood, windstorm, hurricane, waterspout, tsunami, storm, rainstorm, hail, landslide, snowslide, landfall, groundwater outlet, high water, mudflow, stroke of lightning, ground subsidence, in other words circumstances that have occurred regardless of the will of the Insurant / authorized representative and which was impossible to prevent), the fall of trees and other objects, attack or other acts of animals;

* fire, explosion or spontaneous combustion of transport;

* transport misappropriation (hijacking).


Insurance contract may cover a complete list of risks (fully comprehensive automobile insurance) or some combination of them (depending on the insurance program).


For the insurance accepted vehicles, service life of which does not exceed  9 years:


Cars and lorries;

Buses (minibuses);

Trailers and semi-trailers;

Agricultural and special machinery.


The territory of insurance coverage: Ukraine, Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and Europe.


Insurance sum is specified under the agreement between Client and Insurance Company, based on the actual value of the vehicle.


The sum of insurance payment depends on: type of vehicle, number of persons specified in the insurance contract, their driving experience, the territory of pre-emptive use of vehicle, rate of  franchise.


Conditions of payment of insurance indemnity:


recover of damages is possible to the account of transport servicing station which makes the repairs or on the account of the Insurant;


payment for expert assessment (under condition of prior agreement with the Insurer) and services of receiving certificates from competent authorities when an insured event occurs;


replacement of damaged parts by the new ones without taking into account depreciation of vehicles of national production under the age of 5 years (of a foreign – up to 7 years).


Only in our company indemnity is made within five days from the date of submission of all documents!


Annual tariffs of insurance for cars for individuals and legal entities are the most loyal for clients.

In case of insurance in our company you will receive:


accessible tariffs;

ability to make insurance payment by parts;

payment of insurance indemnity on time;

professional advices;

carrying out of compensation of losses in case of damage of windscreen and lighting devices because of accidentally hitting of vehicle by items during movement, without certificate issued by State Automobile Inspection and with the use of zero-franchise;

opportunity to use the services of independent experts;

cost recovery of transportation (towing) on the territory of Ukraine at a distance of 50 kilometers from the place of the event to the parking space (garage) or to the place of repair;

refurbishment of the vehicle at authorized transport servicing stations;

covering of risk of illegal action of third parties in any location of the vehicle;

covering of risk of “misappropriation” from any place (including parking lots, which are not protected at night), at any time at presence of electronic anti-theft devices and mechanical blocking of steering wheel;

guaranteed discounts on prolongation Contract of comprehensive automobile insurance under condition of absence of insurance cases (including the presence of minor losses).


Documents required for conclusion of the Contract of comprehensive automobile insurance:



passport and identification code of Insurant;

driver license;

technical passport for the car.


«Ukrainian Agro-Insurance Company» can offer a lot of insurance programs of vehicles, many of which contain significant benefits for the Insurant.