Agricultural crop insurance

Voluntary insurance of agricultural risks is the main activity of the Company.


Long-term experience in agricultural insurance, presence of own statistical database, active cooperation with the “The project of development of agricultural insurance in Ukraine” of International Finance Corporation of the World Bank allowed the “Ukrainian Agro-Insurance company” to prepare for its Insurants the most attractive programs of insurance of agricultural risks.


By the choice of agricultural producers, voluntary insurance is carried out for all kinds of agricultural crops and animals reared in Ukraine, property of agricultural and special equipment, including pledged assets, according to the following programs:


*      Comprehensive insurance of bally crops of winter crops during the wintering period.


*      Comprehensive insurance of harvest.


*      Insurance of crops for the whole period of cultivation.


*      Insurance of animals and birds.


*      Insurance of transport means and special machinery of agricultural producers.


*      Insurance of property of agricultural producers including pledged assets.


Programs comply with relevant international standards according to the results of the international audit conducted by «SCOR GLOBAL P & S, Puteaux».

The company offers for its clients reinsurance guarantee of the leading international reinsurers «SCOR GLOBAL P & S, Puteaux», and «Allianz» (Germany) and founds individual approach to each Insurant.


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