Property insurance

We offer you a program of property insurance

“Appreciate what you have!”


Do you want to protect your property?


Property insurance program – is your protection against financial losses caused by damage to your property.


We offer:


Individual system of discounts.

Ability to select methods of compensation of losses, franchise, exceptions from insurance cases.

Availability of benefits upon revalidation of the policy, if during the previous period of insurance was not insurance cases.


What can be insured?


The object of insurance is your property, namely:


apartment                              domestic or suburban house

cookhouse                              garage


For your choice in the insurance contract may be included the following elements:

  • Interior decoration – permanent covering of walls;
  • Walls together with gas, heat, electric utilities – building structure, repairs;
  • Movable property situated in the room – home appliances, furniture, clothing.


Under the program of property insurance you can insure your responsibility to the neighbours for the damage that may be caused to their property through your fault.


What can You be insured against?


The insurance contract provides compensation of damage in case of damage or destruction of the property due to:

  • Fire, explosion of domestic gas, lightning, falling of flying machines and their debris, runover of vehicle;
  • Natural disasters;
  • Actions of the liquid from damaged heating, fire protection, sewage systems;
  • Illegal actions of third parties, namely: theft, brigandage, robbery, intentional damage of property, glass breakage.


How much does insurance cost?


The costs of insurance depend on:

  • Kind of the insured property;
  • List of the insurance claims;
  • Rate of the franchise;

Insurance sum

It is defined as the full or partial cost of the insured property within the limits of its actual cost that is confirmed by relevant documents (expert evaluation, the book value.)

Insurance compensation


Insurance compensation is paid within the limits of the insurance sum and is based on the amount of direct material damage caused by the loss or damage of property.