Health insurance

Do you want to be confident about the future, without fear that unforeseen circumstances force you to be in a difficult financial situation? But at the same time you are confused by the sum that you have to pay for the services of  the insurance company? But whether you thought about the fact that if an insurance event happens you will receive financial compensation, greatly exceeding the cost of  insurance policy? Voluntary health insurance ensures you confidence in the future. Do you agree that foreseen small expenses better than unforeseen large expenses?

Who needs voluntary health insurance policy of «UAIC»?


Every citizen due to unforeseen circumstances may lose a source of income and therefore may face difficulties with the payment for treatment. Health insurance policy will allow you to get quick and free quality health care required for rehabilitation of health and to have free medical advice for the entire period of the Insurance Contract.


For every company or organization:


increasing of labor productivity, prevention of diseases and improving of medical care quality for employees, additional motivation – improving of the loyalty to the company, reducing of staff turnover;

reducing the number of fictitious sick certificate;

clear planning of treatment costs of personnel;

rearrangement of worrying about social issues on insurance company;

improving of the image of administration in the eyes of staff.


«Ukrainian Agro-Insurance Company» proposes:


Voluntary health insurance (permanent health insurance), (license АВ № 584791, issued 04.08.2011), namely: assurance of Insured person by all types of medical care and medicines, which are paid by the insurance company.


What can You be insured against?


Insurance event is getting of medical care by the Insured Person in health care facility in case of:


acute disease,

recrudescence of chronic disease,

injury, poisoning, accident,

in other cases of indisposition.


It is also stipulated getting by the Insured person of:







and other health care stipulated by the Insurance contract.


Who gets the money?


The insurance payment is carried out within the Insurance sum by the payment for medical services to medical institutions which provided appropriate assistance to the Insured person.


Basic health insurance program includes the following types of assistance:




Hospital (urgent and/or planned)


Emergency Services




Around the clock assisting.


We offer health insurance programs that are based on adequate insurance protection and optimal prices.


The actions of the Insured person in the case of insurance event:


In the case of complications with health you just need to inform the representative of 24-hour consulting and information services (doctor-coordinator) by phone, which is specified in the service card, the following information:

Your First Name, Surname, Patronymic;


Name of the Insurance Company;


Number of policy (service card), the period and the territory of the effect;


Contact phone number;


Location (hotel, medical facility), phone or fax.


The reason of your appeal.


and for you will be organized necessary medical care in the place of residence (stay) on the whole territory of Ukraine under the terms of the Insurance Contract.


All treatment-related expenses of the Insured person limited by insurance contribution and does not increase, no matter how much expensive treatment will be.




The Insured person exactly addresses to the medical facility, which was recommended by a doctor-coordinator. You will get quality medical care or necessary consultation immediately!


In case of applying for medical assistance the Insured person must show insurance policy (service card) and a document with a photo that prove identity.


Additional opportunities of the Insured person


If, for reasons beyond of your control you have applied to health facility not covered by the Insurance Contract as a base, you need as soon as possible to inform the assistance centre or the Insurance company’s representative.

Solution to the issue about practicability for continuing delivery of health care in this medical institution or transfer to the base medical institution will be accepted immediately.


At Your service:


work of assistance centre 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without holidays and weekends, receiving calls, monitoring of health status of the Insured person which gets medical assistance.


contractual relationships with more than 600 health care institutions across Ukraine, that allow us to serve you if you are on a business trip in any city of Ukraine.


The advantages of insurance policy for medical expenses in the “UAIC” Private JSC:


no need for a preliminary medical examination of workers and dependence on its results for corporate clients;


24-hour services in Kyiv and almost in all regional centres of Ukraine;


tight control and expertise of the health services quality by the Insured person;


the maximum range of advanced health care (at the client’s choice).


Depending on your needs and company policy, you can insure:

all staff members,

Employees whose work in your company is related with certain risk,

Employees whose health is directly related to the smooth functioning of the major divisions of the company,

Only those who have business trips.


When you request for the assistance to the insurance representative of our company, you will receive a detailed consultation. Please take the time to talk with him. This will help you to evaluate your needs for insurance protection and to choose the optimal conditions of insurance.